1. There's a very limited amount of projects I can take on every month : I do this during my free time and don't wanna feel burnt out.
  2. Slots will open once at the beginning or end of every month. I will announce it a few days prior on my social medias, so I recommend to check in regularly and turn on notifications. There might occasionally be a second opening during the month if I find myself with some extra time.
  3. Patreon supporters have early access to commissions, along with a bunch of other perks, tutorials, monthly giveaways and downloadable content. There's a limited amount of slots reserved for instagram every month as well.
  4. Commissions open through google forms. You have an hour from the time commissions open to apply for a slot, which are selected lottery style.
  5. PayPal is the only way I can accept payments for commissions. You don't need an account since you can pay with a credit card through the invoice.
  6. I used KO-FI in the past for commissions but it doesn't work for me since it keeps taking commissions even when the slots are gone. Commissions open through google forms to give everyone a fair shot at a slot despite internet speeds and different timezones.
  7. I only ever charge for the full cost of materials, no profit is made from the binding of these stories. All commissions are made so with author's and artist's permissions. If you've seen me bind a story from an inactive author; it was made for a friend or a personal copy.


  • I'm now available to take commissions for original work.
  • If you want your work binded, you can contact me for more details.
  • There will be an additional typesetting fee added to final cost.


*All of my handbound fanfics are made with high quality cream colored paper, fully wrapped in bookcloth and include a professionally printed dust jacket. I'm always happy to share detailed breakdown costs and further pictures of my work upon request. Please ask for these infos before commissioning from anyone.*


    • Manacled (1 volume) - SenLinYu
    • Manacled (split in 3 volumes) - SenLinYu
    • All You Want - SenLinYu
    • Breath Mints / Battle Scars - Onyx & Elm
    • The Right Thing to Do - LovesBitca8 (Rights and Wrongs 1)
    • All the Wrong Things - LovesBitca8 (Rights and Wrongs 2)
    • The Auction - LovesBitca8 (Rights and Wrongs 3 )
    • Every Day, a Little Death - Lovesbitca8
    • Remain Nameless (split in 2 volumes) - HeyJude19 
    • Remain Nameless (1 volume) - HeyJude19 
    • Isolation - Bex-Chan
    • Hunted - Bex-Chan
    • The Debt of Time (5 volumes) - Shayalonnie (not available for commissions, too big of a workload. sorry!)
    • The Fallout - everythursday (not available for commissions, author inactive)
    • The Eagle's Nest - HeartOfAspen
    • Bring Him to His Knees - Musyc (not available for commissions per author's request)
    • The Disappearances of Draco Malfoy - Speechwriter
    • Sugar and Spice - InLoveWithForever (permission needed)
    • Wait and Hope - MightBeWriting
    • Beginning and End - MightBeWriting
    • A Season for Setting Fires - MightBeWriting
    • Various Storms & Saints - Viridianatnight
    • Love in a Time of the Zombie Apocalypse - Rizzlewrites
    • The Erised Effect - ADA_P_RIX
    • Apple Pies & Other Amends - ToEatAPeach
    • Divination for Skeptics - Olivieblake
    • Clean - Olivieblake
    • Marked - Olivieblake
    • The Commoner’s Guide to Bedding a Royal (2 vol) - Olivie Blake
    • The Princess's Guide to Popular Statecraft - Olivie Blake
    • Love & Other Misfortunes - SenLinYu
    • All The Young Dudes (3 volumes) - MsKingBean89
    • Timeless - Alexandra Emerson
    • From Wiltshire, With Love - MistressLynn
    • The Binding - curly_kay
    • Beyond the Castle Walls - singularritae 
    • Draco Malfoy and the Mortifying Ordeal of Being in Love - isthisselfcare
    • Love & Other Historical Accidents - Pacific Rimbaud
    • Rosemary for Remembrance - Rubber_soul02 (permission needed)
    • ​Hot for Teacher - Motherofbulls (permission needed)
    • ​The Gloriana Set - ThebeMoon
    • The Darkwood Wand - ThebeMoon
    • Contradictions - Ambpersand
    • Meet Your Match - Morriganmercy
    • Perfectly in Pieces (2 volumes) - CDLynn
    • Happy Pills - Malfoy101 (permission needed)
    • Mon Couteau Aiguisé (my sharp knife) - GillianEliza
    • Unsphere the Stars - Cocoartist
    • Madam Umbridge Home for Wayward Girls - LovelyVillain (permission needed)
    • A Second Look - RiverWriter (permission needed)
    • The Politician's Wife - Pir8fancier (permission needed)
    • Measure of a Man (3 volumes) - Inadaze22 
    • Cruel and Beautiful World - Lena Phoria (not available for commissions, this fanfic was published under original work as a trilogy. Please support the author!)
    • All Our Secrets Laid Bare - Firethesound (permission needed)
    • We Learned the Sea - floorcoaster (permission needed)
    • Universal Truths - scullymurphy (permission needed)
    • Seek and Find - Serpent_and_sage (permission needed)


    • The Heartbreak Prince - Diasterisms (Hogwarts AU)
    • Like Young Gods - Diasterisms 
    • To Kingdom Come - Diasterisms 


  • I get a lot of DMs and emails every day asking about prices for commissions. I don’t sell these books, and only charge for materials to bind them.
  • My prices aren’t listed on my social medias due to dishonest binders copying other binders price structures in the past to make a profit and the fact that prices are personal to every binders depending on where they purchase their materials and availability. Mine are subject to changes due to that reason. Happy to share my detailed breakdown upon request.
  • I have a detailed list available on my Patreon based on word counts and toner usage. You can expect at least $65 for a book bound by me.


I can ship anywhere in the world as long as you’re willing to pay for the shipping difference! It is up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not. This isn't a final quote and may vary according to package weights and destinations, but you can expect at least :
  1. $15+ shipping within Canada (where I'm based)
  2. $20+ shipping to the USA
  3. $30 to $50+ for international shipping 


I've messaged you on your social medias about commissions, why didn't you answer ? 
I get dozens of DMs every day asking about details/infos about commissions, which is why I've created this page/wesbite. I unfortunately don't have the time to reply to everyone individually, if I haven't replied the answer is most likely on this page.

If I manage to snag a commission, can I get more than one book?
I realize that most people who manage to get into the commissions have been waiting a while, which is why I allow for more than one book to be bound. There's no set number since it depends on previously accepted commissions, how big the books are, and if it's a reasonable request (not to take away from anyone's chance to get a commission).

Will your commissions open outside of Patreon?
I will reserve a set amount every month to apply for through google forms. This will be announced when commissions open. Please don't join my patreon only to secure a slot as it isn't guaranteed.

If I get a commission, how long can I expect to wait to received it ?
You can expect a 4 weeks turnaround time. I complete all commissions the same month and send them off towards the last/first few days of every month but shipping can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on where you live.

Can you teach me how to bookbind ?
I have a Patreon set up specifically for this - you're welcome to join and access a bunch of perks by supporting me. I'll be happy to answer any bookbinding questions/help inquiries in a timely manner. 

Do you ship to my country ?
I most likely can, please check estimated shipping rates above.

I would like to gift an author a copy of their story. Is it possible?
Definitely and I try to prioritize those. Please message me directly.

Do you have plans to bind "X" fanfic ?
I have my own personal list to work on, but I'm open to suggestions! My ships are (but aren't limited to) Dramione, Wolfstar, Marauders era, Reylo, Darklina.